Homemade Banana Pudding

Pudding From Scratch

I have been in a baking mood today.  It started with making a peach cobbler this morning for breakfast.  This afternoon I was wanting to bake something else and decided I needed to use the bananas before they went bad, so I hunted up my banana pudding recipie.

First thing I did was to go ahead and separate the three eggs for the recipie.  I put the bowl with the egg whites in the fridge and started to make the pudding.   I figured if I made the pudding first, then it could be cooling while I made the meringue.  Into the pot went 1 1/2 cups sugar, 1 1/2 cups milk, 1/4 cup of cornstarch, and the 3 egg yolks.

This was a hand written recipie and I haven’t made it in a long time, so I couldn’t remember if it was suppose to have vanilla extract in it and maybe I just forgot to write it down.  To be on the safe side, I decided to add about a 1/4 teaspoonof vanilla extract.  I stirred the pudding over medium heat till it thickened, which it did nicely.  Started out with a spoon, but switched to a whisk as it was looking a bit lumpy.

After sitting the pot aside, I used the mixer to make the meringue.  I love doing things the old fashioned way, but for some reason, my attempts to whisk merigue in a bowl typically fail.  Into the mixing bowl went the 3 egg whites, 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar, 6 tablespoons sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla.  A little while at high speed and soon the egg whites turned glossy white with lovely peaks. 

In the glass baking dish I layered vanilla wafers, bananas, and pudding.  Then after repeating the layers once more, I topped it all off with the meringue and used a spoon to gently fluff it up into nice pointy peaks.  Baked it in the oven for only 8 minutes and out came a fair worthy homemade banana pudding according to my daughter.

Homemade Banana Pudding


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