Exploring in the Woods

Large Hollow Tree

One of my favorite places is the woods behind the house.  Often I will walk back there to take a break as I enjoy nature and explore the wonders to be found.  There is an area which is particularly breathtaking to me.  It is full of unusual finds, such as this huge hollow treethat at one time must have been struck by lightening as it is charred inside.  It is so big you can stand inside of it and look straight up through the top.  I think it is still alive, but what appears to be leaf buds on smaller limbs are so high up that I can’t be certain till more time goes by.

Inside the hollow tree are hollowed out places near the roots which I wonder if animals used as their home.  There are also some scratch marks on the tree.  Unfortunately I found a carcass and some feathers I believe belonged to one of our long gone chickens.  As many things in the woods, it also has some beautiful green moss growing on it.
Another interesting moss covered find were these rocks which were beside the water.  I am amazed by the fuzzy texture and vibrant green of  woodland moss.  Also, it was pretty the way the sun and the trees were reflecting on the surface of the water.

Moss Covered Rocks by Water

As I was walking back out of the woods, I came across this interesting old tree trunk.  It has moss growing on it and looked rather lovely.
Old Tree Trunk

It was quite dried out so I figure it has been there for a while. 

These are just a few of the interesting finds I’ve seen, which I thought I would share with you.  As I explore I am sure I will find more.  Hope you enjoy! 

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