Spring Gardening Bug

It is beautiful outdoors today.  In fact, the next three days it’s supposed to be about 70 degree weather.  I love this time of year.  The fruit trees and other trees are starting to bloom.  Bursts of color start to appear everywhere.

As do a lot of other people, I start to get bit by the gardening bug this time of year.  The herb bed has been weeded and has empty spots ready for planting.  The chives are growing back nicely and the oregano has returned, but I think it’s time to dig the oregano up and plant another as it seems to lose its flavor over time.  I am looking forward to picking up a few new herb plants at the Herb Fest in Wake Forest, NC in April.

The top of my dryer near the back door has turned into my little gardening nursery.  I planted vegetable and flower seeds, which I am now waiting to sprout.  I learned broccoli sprouts amazingly quick and the seedlings are already about 3 inches tall.  They are so tall I had to take them out from under the plastic cover and they are now in the kitchen windowsill.


This week I plan to go ahead and plant some lettuce outside.  I may use one of the squares in my herb bed since the dirt is better there as the main garden spot is a mixture of carolina clay.  I am working on planning out the main garden and hope to get it going soon.


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