Rainy Day, Gardening Updates, and a Spring Poem


Forsythia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been rainy since early this morning and it still continues.  Pitter patter of unending rain, but at least content in the thought the new seeds will get the rain they need.  Yesterday, I reseeded the lettuce and onions in the bed as some of the older seed had failed to come up.  However, the dwarf snow peas were doing well and already about 2 inches tall.  I planted some nasturtiums along the edge of another square, so they can grow up along the fence.

Guess no outside gardening today.  It looks like today will be one of those piddle around in the house days.  This morning has mainly been computer time as I have added a few items to the etsy shop, wrote blog posts, and checked email.  The seedlings in the window sill have continued to grow amazingly well and I love the tomatoes have finally got their true leaves.  I love the smell of tomato plants.  Also, grateful spring is officially here.  Well, off to do chores and guess the only gardening today will be planting more seeds indoors, but here’s a spring poem(a haiku) for you to enjoy :

Golden Blooms

Blooming Forsythia
Bold color signaling spring
Golden yellow burst


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  2. […] Rainy Day, Gardening Updates, and a Spring Poem (kittrellcountrylife.wordpress.com) […]


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