Spring Gardening Update

Today started out a little cool, but it didn’t curb my gardening bug.  While in town, I stopped at a couple of stores to check out the plants.  I ended up settling on just one nice looking little peppermint plant.  It is destined for a pot rather than a direct spot in the herb bed.  I have learned better than that from my past experiences with how invasive mints can be in a garden.  It will be a welcome plant though as we love making peppermint tea.

More seedlings have sprung up from the fresh seed I planted, when some of the older seeds failed.  There are now a few watermelon and eggplant seedlings.  Never having attempted to grow oregano or sage from seeds, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but so far have at least one of each coming up.  Some of the plants from the first batch of seeds I planted are getting so big!  I hope the big garden spot gets tilled up soon so I can get them planted in the ground.

I have only planted snow peas once before and the deer ate them all before we could have any, so I am very excited the snow peas are doing so well and are in a safe fenced in area.  Normally we’ve always had a garden and had minimal problems with deer, but snow peas seemed like candy to them.  Here are some updated photos of the dwarf snow peas :

Close-up of Snow Peas

 As you can tell in the first photo, the chives are really growing.  The onions I planted are starting to push up little green shoots and the lettuces have just started to germinate.  I can’t wait for everything to start growing a little bigger…except for the weeds.


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