The Big Garden Spot is Finally Tilled

Hooray!  Could do cart wheels right now if I wasn’t worried about breaking anything since it’s been soooo long since I’ve done a cart wheel.  Why?  The big garden spot is finally tilled up.  What a time trying to get it tilled up. 

Finally found a place that rented tillers.  We rented a Troy Built front tine tiller for only $28 for 24 hours.  The first evening we did strips all the way one direction, then came back across doing strips the other direction.  The ground was so hard as it is a mixture of mostly Carolina clay, it was difficult to till up.

Unfortunately it rained all during the night and again first thing early in the morning.  Even though the ground was wet, we still decided to give tilling a try.  I didn’t even bother trying to wear shoes.  I just rolled up my pants legs and went to tilling. 

The ground was so wet it was squishy, but seeing as I figured it may be my only chance to till it up, I went ahead and tried.  Although wet, the ground was much easier to break up.  As I was walking behind the tiller with my feet sinking into the mud I kept thinking of one of those scenes of people barefoot squishing grapes in a vat.

Almost 3 more rows from finishing it started raining yet again.  We quickly finished and then stood in the rain trying to rinse the mud off the tiller with the water hose.  We were drenched clear through and had to take everything off before we could walk through the house.  It was nice to know it was done. 

The big garden spot now looks like dirt instead of a clump of overgrown grass.  Sorry for the lack of picture, will have to post one another day.  The main reason I’m so happy is that now maybe my hard raised plants I raised from seedlings will live.  They’re getting so big they seriously needed planting and I was worried they’d die before I got them planted.


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