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Thought I would share some photos today.  The first one is a photo of the herb garden as I call it, though a few vegetables share their home there.  The main reason I chose to plant a few vegetables in the herb garden is because it is really the only truly deer safe spot in the yard as it is completely fenced in.

Herb Bed Squares

Herb Bed Squares

The first square in the photo has sage, oregano, and rosemary in it(from front to back).  I know the oregano will spread more, so as soon as I get another square cleared out I may move it.  This is the Greek Oregano variety. 

The second square has peppermint, catnip, and lemon verbena(from front to back).  The peppermint and catnip I planted in pots, then have the pots planted partway in the dirt.  This is to try to contain them some as mints can be pretty invasive.  Going with prevention as I don’t want another case like the spearmint I spent three years digging out of the herb bed because it went rampant. 

Lemon verbena is one of the best smelling lemon scented herbs and it retains its scent after drying.  I love just rubbing a leaf between my fingers and smelling it.  I like the smell of lemon balm as well, but found it didn’t smell so good after it was dry.  Plans are to enjoy some lemon verbena tea and try to use it in cooking as well. 

The third square is the mixed lettuce blend mainly, but there are some dutch onions planted in the back.  I planted the lettuces all at the same time, but for some reason the ones on the left are much bigger than the right.  It’s a puzzle to me.  The lettuce is finally getting big enough for hopefully making a first fresh salad of the season soon.

I spared you any more photos of the squares on the ends of the herb garden as not too much has changed yet.  The snow peas have climbed taller, but no pods yet.  The chives are still growing.  The only real changes are I added a few things.  I put a cucumber plant in each square, but having trouble getting them to climb up the fence so far.  Also, added a few flowers in the first square just for color.  I only had two zinnia seedlings which made it so I decided to give them a home there.

Remember the garden I told you about in the last post?  Here’s the promised photo of the tilled up big garden as it was too wet that day.  Still need to rent the tiller and do it once more.  It was so wet when we finished that it’s hardened up.  Guess next time I till it I’ll go ahead and get it planted while the dirt is still broken up some.  Happy gardening!

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