Warning : Labels are Essential!!!


Grass (Photo credit: Daniel R. Blume)

Just when I have a day it looks like the sun is peeking out from behind the dark clouds, havoc rears it’s ugly head.  It started out great, but by now I ought to maybe know my over optimism is getting the better of me.  My husband had picked up the used riding mower we bought and brought it home yesterday evening, so I thought I’d cut some grass early this morning while it was still cool enough. 

Lawn mower fired right up.  One plus as usually me and machinery do not mix so well.  Got to cutting grass, some of which had grown rather tall.  Lawn mower was cutting it well.  Second plus for the day.  So far things seemed to be going fairly well.  Went round and round several times, then the lawn mower cut off.  Well, I thought maybe due to the tall grass choking it up, but a quick look under the gas cap revealed it was out of gas.

Okay, I thought.  No biggie, just go get the gas can, tote it way in the back where the lawn mower ran out, and fill up the gas tank.  My husband had told me we had one container with three gallons of gas in it.  Well, there are several gas cans around our yard.  A couple of red ones and a couple of yellow ones, though I thought we only had one yellow one.  While walking in the back yard from way far back I spotted a yellow gas can, grabbed it(felt heavy enough), and went to fill up the lawn mower.

Gas tank full.  I tried to crank it.  Nothing.  Tried again.  Nothing.  At this point, I thought maybe I had flooded it in my overzealous attempt at cranking it.  I waited a few minutes and tried again.  Nothing.  Well, I pulled out my handy dandy cell phone and called my husband.  I ask him what else could it be, you know in case I was doing something wrong or needed to try something else.  I told him it was just spinning round and round, but not hitting any.

Well, short tragic story short, I had messed up major and he was not bashful telling me such.  The yellow gas can from back was full of water, which his now deceased son had used to flush the tractor last year.  He hadn’t put the water there, but had known it and not labeled it for whatever reason.  Neither of them had labeled it.  Needless to say, I left the house for a brief break after my harsh scolding. 

Yes, maybe I should’ve sought out the other gas can in the front, but I didn’t and I made a mistake.  The whole point is this would have been an avoidable tragedy if someone or anyone had followed the golden rule and LABELED WHAT IS IN THE CONTAINER.  I even label spray bottles with my homemade household cleaners when I make them up.

Okay, sorry so long.  Done with my rant.  Very long day with good intentions.  Don’t usually have allergies either, but guess due to the over tall grass had allergies flair up too.  Not usually a medicine person, more of an herbie, but have had three doses of allergy medicine and allergy eye drops.  All in the name of being able to see and breathe easier.  At least the day’s well that end’s well.  My eyes are no longer swollen and I can breathe.

Any machinery mishaps in your midst of late?…Do you label?… 



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  1. Oops. We’ve got a petrol one and I almost put diesel in it once. I’m also not technically minded but I don’t suspect it would have done it any good!


  2. Posted by Mammie Riechman on December 17, 2012 at 2:46 am

    garden lawns should be watered at least twice daily.^

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