Tiny Treasures

Rabbit rabbit Alongside road to the mill.

Rabbit rabbit Alongside road to the mill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyday seems to have a bit of adventure in it somewhere.  Sometimes it’s in tiny bits of treasure found in the yard.  In the early mornings I love to go outdoors while it’s cool and there is still dew on the grass.

This morning there was a big brown rabbit sitting on the left of the driveway.  Even after I went outdoors he didn’t get startled and run away.  He just hopped a little bit further.  I like to think the animals are not scared in our yard and know it’s safe.  Deer linger longer as well.

I was so excited to find small “pea pods” in the little garden!  Everyday I have been looking and seen flowers on the plants, but no pea pods.  Excuse my overzealous excitement, but this is the first time ever I’ve grown peas and they made it long enough to get pods.  This time they are in the protection of the garden fence and safe from deer nibbling.

There are now pretty yellow flowers on the cucumber plants finally as well.  The cherokee purple tomato plant has about 4 small green tomatoes on it.  The largest is about the size of a plum.  Lettuce and the other herbs are growing bigger.  I know I keep saying it, but hopefully fresh salad soon.  Will only be a lettuce and tomato salad, but at least it will be fresh from the garden.

Yesterday morning it was still a little damp, but I decided to work on the little shade sitting area in the yard.  I raked the fallen leaves and those spiky gumballs from the trees up leaving bare ground, which is much nicer to walk on.  After clearing the area, I rearranged the benches, one on each side of the square raised planting bed.  There were treasures in the planting bed I unearthed beneath the leaves, an apple-crested maidenhair fern and some variegated hostas.  Both growing nicely!  Now I won’t have to plant everything from scratch in the bed.

The shade bed had not been tended to in about 2 years, so I was amazed anything was still thriving in it.  I gave up on it for a bit as the goats and chickens were eating anything I’d plant in it.  The last time my hosta was hanging from one of the goat’s mouths I thought it was a goner.  Another small project in the shade area is to take down the old string of lights I had strung between trees on both sides and replace it with new ones for soft night time lighting.  I’ll share a picture once I get it a little more spruced up.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I was to delighted to discover with you what you found in the yard. 🙂 Beauty is all around us if we have eyes to see it.


  2. I am jealous! Your garden is so much more advanced than the one I just STARTED being able to plant today! Oh well I still love living north of the 49th. Nice story! What kind of goats do you have?


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