Inspiring Blog Award

In case you caught it before the delete, I made a boo boo and had to go redo this post.  Now to catch up on giving thanks for a blog award.  I would like to give a big thank you to Liz of the little box of books blog.  Pop over and enjoy a visit to her blog.  She nominated this blog on June 10th for the Inspiring Blog Award and I’m a bit late being appreciative.

For Inspiring Blog Award…

I was supposed to share 7 things about me :

  1. I will only drink milk out of glass.
  2. Everything will absolutely have to wait once I’ve poured milk over my cereal, because I can’t stand soggy cereal.
  3. I love chocolate…all kinds…just not white or dark so much.
  4. I was born in Germany(parents were in Air Force).
  5. Pink is my favorite nail polish color.
  6. I’m terrified of mice(yes, I know they’re small, I’m still scared).
  7. I am a homebirth and homeschool mama(daughter is getting ready to graduate).

Lastly nominating 10 other blogs I like for the Inspiring Blog Award. The order of blogs are not in any rhyme or reason, but I enjoy them all.  : – Linneann – Rosemary Mint – The Doodle House – Baker on the Rise – Honesty – Soulsby Farm – Darla Cooks – CookieMomma’s Blog – On Becoming A Wordsmith – The View Outside


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