Garden Helpers…

There has been more rain and warmth, which is helping the garden to blossom.  The tomato plants are getting nice and tall with more flowers.  The other plants are growing taller as well, but not flowering just yet.  I can’t wait to be able to start eating some vegetables fresh from the garden. 

I usually go out first thing in the morning to look over the garden to see how it’s doing and make sure the deer or rabbits haven’t caused any damage.  I’m the early riser in the house, so it’s my chance for a bit of peace.  Our dog Savanna enjoys keeping me company and likes to wander about the garden as well. 

Gardening with Savanna

Gardening with Savanna

Yesterday evening it rained, but I managed to get a few gardening tasks done while it was still cool.  I put up a support for the cucumbers.  Next, my daughter and her boyfriend gave me a hand putting up the support for the green beans.  We barely made it, but managed to get done before the rain started.

Both supports were made from pieces of found fencing from previous gardening years.  We used pieces of twine to tie the sections of fencing to plastic stakes pressed in the ground.  The stakes are the black ones about 3 feet tall with a piece sticking out at the base above the spike, which is used to press your foot onto make it go into the ground.  We got them at the Tractor Supply store a couple of years ago.

The other thing we got done yesterday was to move the swing.  It’s under a nice tall tree for shade in the front yard and is in a good position for a nice view of the garden.  Love the swing!  No picture of the supports or the swing, I’ll have to post one another day, but here’s one of the largest squash plant in my garden. 





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