Daughter’s 18th Birthday Wish…Beach Trip

My wonderful daughter Selena turned 18 this Sunday.  Her simple birthday wish was to take a trip to the beach.  Her, her boyfriend, her dad, and I all went.  The dogs were kept by family and friends. We went to our favorite beach, Atlantic Beach on the North Carolina coast. It’s the place we’ve gone since she was little though it’s been a few years.

We left for our trip on Sunday afternoon and it appeared the weather may not cooperate.  We had wind, rain, lightning, and saw many places without power on the way down.  We were fortunate and the storm had subsided by the time we reached our hotel in Havelock.  We ate supper, then swam in the hotel pool till 10:00pm when it closed.  The water was so nice and warm.

Early yesterday morning we finally made it to Atlantic Beach!  It was absolutely wonderful as it wasn’t too hot and there were not many people.  The water was a bit rough, but we almost stayed in it the whole time we were there.  It was so nice to swim, splash a little, and just bounce with the waves.  We even got to see a couple of pelicans swooping down trying to catch some food.  My daughter fed the seagulls.

We got ice cream from the snack shack at the beach before heading back.  She had the “screwball” ice cream she remembered from when she was younger.  The pale pink and blue one in a plastic cone with a gumball in the bottom.  One more quick stop at “Wings”, the beach souvenir shop, where she got a key chain.  It was a water filled key chain with sand and shells.

We’re back, but it was a fantastic trip.  Here are some photos(most were taken by my daughter, she’s great at photography and has a good eye) :

Selena feeding the seagulls...

Selena feeding the seagulls…

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

Selena and her Daddy

Selena and her Daddy

Lots of shells on the beach...

Lots of shells on the beach…

Me on the beach

Me on the beach

Lovely Beach View

Lovely Beach View


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