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Along the Path

Heart-shaped cloud

Heart-shaped cloud (Photo credit: aivas14)

Every now and then it seems like something just happens with such perfect timing.  I don’t happen to be always looking for something.  It just happens to land in my path.  Last year, before she moved, our pastor’s wife shared with me a free daily devotion I could sign up to receive via email from Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I have to admit some days I just let them sit untouched in my inbox, but some days the little message calls to my heart and I open it up to read more.  Today was one of those days and it was so what I needed to hear.

The title of the devotion today was Desperate Prayers of a Despairing Parent.  Yep, I could say that title fit me to a tee as of late.  I hope you’ll read it.  It offered me a little much needed encouragement and wisdom. In case you do not know and you probably don’t as I haven’t blogged about it, unless you’re one of those that knows us very personally.  My blogging’s been off lately, because of a case of brokenhearted mama-itis.  My daughter has hit adulthood and moved to Tennessee.  I miss her terribly.  I want the best for her as any parent wants for their children, but it seems so distant at the present.

It seems and I’m having to learn this the hard way, we can desperately love our children, but ultimately God loves them so much more.  Once our children leave our hands, we have to rest in the thought that they are in His hands.  They always have been.  We are just blessed to borrow them for a bit.  I have a hard time with the letting go part.  It’s so hard that the only things to do are just be there for them, love them, hope for them, and pray they will be okay at least; but not be able to fix things or somehow give them a definitive choice as to what the right answer for their lives is.

Beautiful by Mercy Me is a song I love and I always think of my daughter when I hear it.  The lyrics are something I hope she always remembers and can see.

My faith has been floundering, but continues to hang on and God keeps putting things in my path.  He so knows what I need, even though I often have no clue.  I’m so glad He is so much more patient than I am.  I’ve been thinking a lot, so here’s a poem I wrote a few days ago :

Needing You

I know of Your might
I know of Your strength
I see it every day
I know You have some plan
I just wish You’d give me an inkling today
If not, then just a little peace
Or some understanding along the way
I know not what to ask anymore
The way has become muddled
It’s even become difficult to pray
I don’t ask for things or the moon
I know my life is Yours to do with as You may
I just need Your help
To carry on, along this difficult road today