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Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy and take time to count your blessings in your life.  I don’t always make it, but I’m trying to practice being thankful everyday.  There are so many things we all have to be thankful for in our lives.  🙂

Pumpkins, photographed in Canada.

Pumpkins, photographed in Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Along the Path

Heart-shaped cloud

Heart-shaped cloud (Photo credit: aivas14)

Every now and then it seems like something just happens with such perfect timing.  I don’t happen to be always looking for something.  It just happens to land in my path.  Last year, before she moved, our pastor’s wife shared with me a free daily devotion I could sign up to receive via email from Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I have to admit some days I just let them sit untouched in my inbox, but some days the little message calls to my heart and I open it up to read more.  Today was one of those days and it was so what I needed to hear.

The title of the devotion today was Desperate Prayers of a Despairing Parent.  Yep, I could say that title fit me to a tee as of late.  I hope you’ll read it.  It offered me a little much needed encouragement and wisdom. In case you do not know and you probably don’t as I haven’t blogged about it, unless you’re one of those that knows us very personally.  My blogging’s been off lately, because of a case of brokenhearted mama-itis.  My daughter has hit adulthood and moved to Tennessee.  I miss her terribly.  I want the best for her as any parent wants for their children, but it seems so distant at the present.

It seems and I’m having to learn this the hard way, we can desperately love our children, but ultimately God loves them so much more.  Once our children leave our hands, we have to rest in the thought that they are in His hands.  They always have been.  We are just blessed to borrow them for a bit.  I have a hard time with the letting go part.  It’s so hard that the only things to do are just be there for them, love them, hope for them, and pray they will be okay at least; but not be able to fix things or somehow give them a definitive choice as to what the right answer for their lives is.

Beautiful by Mercy Me is a song I love and I always think of my daughter when I hear it.  The lyrics are something I hope she always remembers and can see.

My faith has been floundering, but continues to hang on and God keeps putting things in my path.  He so knows what I need, even though I often have no clue.  I’m so glad He is so much more patient than I am.  I’ve been thinking a lot, so here’s a poem I wrote a few days ago :

Needing You

I know of Your might
I know of Your strength
I see it every day
I know You have some plan
I just wish You’d give me an inkling today
If not, then just a little peace
Or some understanding along the way
I know not what to ask anymore
The way has become muddled
It’s even become difficult to pray
I don’t ask for things or the moon
I know my life is Yours to do with as You may
I just need Your help
To carry on, along this difficult road today

Daughter’s 18th Birthday Wish…Beach Trip

My wonderful daughter Selena turned 18 this Sunday.  Her simple birthday wish was to take a trip to the beach.  Her, her boyfriend, her dad, and I all went.  The dogs were kept by family and friends. We went to our favorite beach, Atlantic Beach on the North Carolina coast. It’s the place we’ve gone since she was little though it’s been a few years.

We left for our trip on Sunday afternoon and it appeared the weather may not cooperate.  We had wind, rain, lightning, and saw many places without power on the way down.  We were fortunate and the storm had subsided by the time we reached our hotel in Havelock.  We ate supper, then swam in the hotel pool till 10:00pm when it closed.  The water was so nice and warm.

Early yesterday morning we finally made it to Atlantic Beach!  It was absolutely wonderful as it wasn’t too hot and there were not many people.  The water was a bit rough, but we almost stayed in it the whole time we were there.  It was so nice to swim, splash a little, and just bounce with the waves.  We even got to see a couple of pelicans swooping down trying to catch some food.  My daughter fed the seagulls.

We got ice cream from the snack shack at the beach before heading back.  She had the “screwball” ice cream she remembered from when she was younger.  The pale pink and blue one in a plastic cone with a gumball in the bottom.  One more quick stop at “Wings”, the beach souvenir shop, where she got a key chain.  It was a water filled key chain with sand and shells.

We’re back, but it was a fantastic trip.  Here are some photos(most were taken by my daughter, she’s great at photography and has a good eye) :

Selena feeding the seagulls...

Selena feeding the seagulls…

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

Selena and her Daddy

Selena and her Daddy

Lots of shells on the beach...

Lots of shells on the beach…

Me on the beach

Me on the beach

Lovely Beach View

Lovely Beach View

Inspiring Blog Award

In case you caught it before the delete, I made a boo boo and had to go redo this post.  Now to catch up on giving thanks for a blog award.  I would like to give a big thank you to Liz of the little box of books blog.  Pop over and enjoy a visit to her blog.  She nominated this blog on June 10th for the Inspiring Blog Award and I’m a bit late being appreciative.

For Inspiring Blog Award…

I was supposed to share 7 things about me :

  1. I will only drink milk out of glass.
  2. Everything will absolutely have to wait once I’ve poured milk over my cereal, because I can’t stand soggy cereal.
  3. I love chocolate…all kinds…just not white or dark so much.
  4. I was born in Germany(parents were in Air Force).
  5. Pink is my favorite nail polish color.
  6. I’m terrified of mice(yes, I know they’re small, I’m still scared).
  7. I am a homebirth and homeschool mama(daughter is getting ready to graduate).

Lastly nominating 10 other blogs I like for the Inspiring Blog Award. The order of blogs are not in any rhyme or reason, but I enjoy them all.  : – Linneann – Rosemary Mint – The Doodle House – Baker on the Rise – Honesty – Soulsby Farm – Darla Cooks – CookieMomma’s Blog – On Becoming A Wordsmith – The View Outside