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Short Note

A pet peeve for some folks are posting apologies on a blog for not blogging, so sorry if you’re in that group. This is sooo that kind of post. I just wanted to write a short note to say “I’m sorry”….sick again, so there will be no new blog posts for a few days till I get recovered. Temporarily, I will be sipping lots of cups of hot herbal tea and curling up with a good book. Reading’s still comforting even if you have to lie down to do it. The only writing will probably be me whining in my journal; unless some fairy size muse flies through the air, sprinkles magic glittery dust on my head, and causes an instant spurt of creative energy(I can wish can’t I?…ha, ha). 🙂

Fairy – "Take the Fair Face of Woman"...

Fairy – “Take the Fair Face of Woman”, by Sophie Gengembre Anderson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Seed Crazed

There are two things I have trouble restraining myself from buying too much of :  seeds and baskets.  I am doing really well with my self imposed ban on basket buying, but this time of year have trouble with the seeds.  I had to go to town to run errands this morning and could not resist the urge to go to the local farm supply store.

It was a drizzly rainy day, but it still didn’t stop me from looking at the plants outside of the store.  I only found one beautiful thyme plant I couldn’t resist.  Inside was another matter, but I did find a good sale.  There were some seed packets from last year, which were marked 1/2 off.  Seed will usually last more than one year and the seedlings I already have growing came up from seeds at least a couple of years old.

Another weakness of mine, but I do know how to say no…is soft fluffy baby chicks.  I stood and looked a few moments, but headed to checkout.  The only seeds I ended up getting were some cherry tomatoes, collards, lettuce salad blend, and kentucky wonder pole beans.  I figure I didn’t do to bad, as my sum total was only about $10.  There was enough seed that some will be leftover for next year’s crop too.

Here is an updated photo of some of my seedlings in the kitchen window (Cucumbers are on the right.  The labels got a little mixed up, so the ones on the left are either cauliflower or watermelon, time will tell.) :


After getting home, I went ahead and planted the thyme plant in the herb garden.  It is in one of the squares with some of the chives, which are coming up nicely.  I’m looking forward to the herb fest coming up in Wake Forest next month, so I can find some of the herb plants I would like, but can’t find easily at the local stores.

Herb Garden

Herb Garden