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The Plants Are Finally in The Ground!!!

The big garden was officially planted this weekend!  The babies I raised from seeds went into the ground finally.  I did pick up a few sweet bell pepper and jalapeno pepper plants at the feed store on Saturday as my bell pepper seedlings never made it.  They were a great price at $1.55 for 4 plants, which is less than 40 cents each.  I also planted seeds and can’t wait for them to come up.

The garden kind of looks straggly right now, but I have hopes it will blossom with growth in the coming months.  It’s an experimental garden in a way.  I’m playing with companion planting this year.  There are also going to be some flowers if all goes well.  The far end on the left has coneflower seeds planted and there are a couple of rows of sunflowers planted vertical to the garden on the far end.

There are still a few rows left if I think of anything else to plant in it.  I know I’d like to plant some more squash as I only had enough seed for a half a row and we like to freeze squash.  Right now I’ve been watering the garden daily in hopes of keeping the ground soft enough and the seeds moist enough to sprout.   The garden is blessed with mostly Carolina clay.



This morning I went out for my daily watering and checking things out.  I love looking for any sign of new plant growth.  So far only spotted a couple of seeds sprouting.  Most of the plants look like they’ll make it and there’s only been one tomato plant fatality so far.  The next big challenge will be attempting to deter the deer.  I love deer as long as they eat everything else and leave the garden be.

Over the next couple of days I hope to put stakes, I already have, around the garden.  I’ll use these to put twine around and dangle pie plates from to try to scare away the deer.  Maybe I’ll try to tie on some bright strips of plastic too, so they’ll blow in the wind.  I’ve also heard you can tie bits of soap around the garden to deter deer.  We’ll see how it goes.

How’s your garden growing?  Any favorite deer deterring tips? . . .