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Saving Money by Couponing

Box o' coupons

Everything, including the cost of gas, seems to be rising.  Since unfortunately our income is not, I am attempting to do a better job of trying to save money.  Though I shall never manage to be one of those “extreme” coupon people, this week I did put forth a valiant effort to shop the sales and use coupons.

On Sunday I bought a newspaper and clipped coupons for items I know we use.  Later I went to two of my favorite sites to view the sales at various stores I shop at and see if there were any online coupons to print.  The two sites are and

I really love the Southern Savers site as I can check off the sale items I plan to buy at a store and the site creates a printable list.  I printed a list for each store I was planning to shop at and used a paperclip to attach the coupons to the corner of the sheet.  This method seems to keep things a bit more organized and easier to use.

My best shopping deal for the week were two non-food items at Staples, but were items we do use regularly.  I purchased a pack of copy paper and pack of photo paper, both which will end up free after rebates.  Another deal I was thrilled with, was to get several boxes of cereal for less than $1.60 per box.  This was one of those weeks there were not a whole lot of sensational coupons for items we use, but I will continue couponing and need to work on organizing the coupons for ease of sorting prior to shopping.