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Summer Gardening and Pizza!

Summer is in full bloom and though there was no big garden this year, the couple of raised beds my daughter helped me build are coming along nicely. I haven’t had the first tomato off yet. I think they were a bit late, because we’ve had an odd summer so far. Until recently it’s been raining more than usual and the temperatures have been cooler than our norm for this time of year.

The tomato plants are full of green tomatoes and growing taller than the tomato cages. I went outside today trying to figure out some way to keep the vines from falling over so much. I’m afraid they’ll break off. I ended up tying some twine around a couple of the branches to kind of gather them together for support, then tied the other end of the twine to the top of the stake holding the cucumber trellis on one side and the top of a neighboring tomato cage on the other side. (Sorry the picture’s not better—from phone as computer won’t recognize the camera card for some reason.)

Tomato and Cucumber Plants

Tomato and Cucumber Plants

All of the tomatoes are beefsteak except for one roma tomato plant that survived(unfortunately the goat ate my other ones at the beginning of the season—a tale for another day). In the front of the tomatoes in the second raised bed are the cucumber plants trailing up the piece of fencing and some jalepeno plants. The fencing was a leftover piece from last year’s garden. There are lots of blossoms on the plants and a couple of small cucumbers beginning…a little over an inch long with lots of prickles.

The first raised bed has two tomato plants on the end nearest the second bed. The rest of the bed has bell pepper plants and nasturtium flowers at the front in a beautiful array of yellow, orange, and red blossoms. I’m glad I planted the flowers. I know they’re edible, which I haven’t tried to do yet, but they add a nice pop of color to enjoy. There are a few plants in pots too : basil, another beefsteak tomato plant, and an eggplant(it may or may not produce—it’s been kind of puny looking).

I’m not too worried everything is a little late producing as thankfully we have a rather long growing season in NC. I need to look at trying to plant a few things for fall, but haven’t gotten that far. It’s been busy around here just with day to day stuff and caregiving. I’m trying to get back to blogging more and will try to share a few more recipes.

I’ve been enjoying doing more with whole wheat flour. I even made homemade pizza from scratch tonight…all the way from the crust to the pizza sauce(just not the cheese and I don’t see cheese making in my near future…lol). It may not be cheaper than frozen; but it is cheaper than take out(we’re so rural we don’t have delivery), healthier, and boy does it taste good!




Back to the Real World

Grass in a field.

Grass in a field. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got back home on Wednesday last week after a trip to dog sit for some friends while they were out of town.  Back to the real world.  Back to trying to sort out things.  My daughter did a real good job trying to look after things while I was away.  All of my seedling babies and the new plants in the raised bed were still living.  Only two very new herb seedlings didn’t manage to survive.

As much as I truly love spring and appreciate the warmer weather, it also has a down side.  Everything grows with such rapid speed it seems and the workload is just increased so much.  It doesn’t help when equipment failure wants to rear it’s ugly head either.  Have had difficulty getting the lawn equipment fixed or finding reasonably priced lawn equipment to at least temporarily replace it.

Yard full of things to do and not really able to do it.  The garden hasn’t been dug up yet.  I’d do it myself, but the tiller is broke, so I just hope I come up with a solution before all the hard work on my seedlings results in dead plants.  Maybe container gardening?  “BUT IT’S NOT WHAT I WANT TO DO!”, said in protest of Murphy’s law that if it can go wrong it will.  I can watch the grass as it mercilessly continues to get taller, but I can’t cut it.  Lastly, the well is acting like it wants to start up causing trouble.

Now, deep breath and release.  Done with the pity party and on to looking at the positives.  I took a walk outdoors bright and early this morning.  It felt absolutely wonderful outdoors and the birds were singing beautifully.  I watered my little raised bed, which is supposed to be strictly for herbs, but is sharing with a few vegetables.  The dwarf peas, mixed lettuces, and onions are growing wonderfully!  The fruit trees are wrapped up with the beginnings of very small fruits, which will hopefully reach maturity.  I was amazed at how big they are already.  Lastly, the Herb Fest in Wake Forest is coming up this weekend.  I am very excited and have been looking forward to it for quite a while.

P.S. – I wrote this blog entry this morning and had to leave before could post, but have fortunately been blessed with us finding a push mower this afternoon and now happily have most of the front yard cut!